These People All Shared Their Worst Movie Theater Experiences

(C)Wikimedia Commons


Do you want to know what my biggest pet peeve in the world is? Bigger than bad drivers, even?

Well, I’ll tell you…loud people in the movie theater.

Drives me INSANE. That’s why I try to go to movies during the week, during the day – so hopefully I’m one of the only ones, if not the only one, in the theater.

These folks are definitely on my side, and they shared some incredibly annoying theater experiences for all of us to read.

1. I would’ve screamed at her.

2. Please don’t touch.

3. No face, no case.

4. Jeez, dad…

5. Mr. Moneybags.

6. Not a good time.

7. I hope you called the cops.

8. Ouch!

9. Are you still together?

10. A good children’s film.

11. Damn, that’s sad.

12. Quite an adventure.

13. Thanks for the memories.

14. Ugh. Take it outside.

15. It sounds glorious.

You know the drill: share your worst movie theater experience in the comments with us so we can all get angry together!