Whole Foods? It’s more like Whole Paycheck, right? Hey-o!

I kid, I kid…

I like Whole Foods but it certainly has it’s niche, doesn’t it? And by niche, I mean expensive. Let’s just say that I go there about once a year for the salad bar…

Let’s get into these funny tweets about shopping at Whole Foods, shall we?

1. This might get ugly.

2. That helps.

3. She’s been there for hours.

4. I’m sure people really appreciate this.

5. Wish that was on video.

6. Hahahaha.

7. Kind of pointless…

8. Five-second rule?

9. A very good point.

10. Balls of steel.

11. Is this real?

12. Endlessly wandering.


13. Think about this before you commit.

14. That’s the cheap one!

15. Oops!

Are you a Whole Foods shopper?

Do you think these tweets hit the mark?