I went to high school with a guy whose last name was…wait for it…DICK.

As you can imagine, he heard a lot of jokes and he suffered through those four years as graciously as he could

Still…I felt bad for the guy.

Anyway…these people shared all shared the lamest jokes they had to deal with because of their names. Let’s check it out!

1. Only older folks will get it.

Sly and the Family Stone!

2. Poor, poor Stuart.

All pretty lame.

3. I get it!

Because of his last name!

4. Ouch. Sorry, friend.

At least your name isn’t Pacey.

5. That is really bad.

Come on!

6. Good pick-up lines.

Do they ever work?

7. You had it rough, sir.

The playground was a war zone for you.

8. Don’t call me that!

And come up with some better material!

9. Wow, that’s lame.

Like, the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.

10. That’s too bad.

Your parents had no idea.

11. Time for a change.

You did the right thing!

12. Ben Dover.

A childhood classic.

How about you?

Do you ever get razzed about your name?

If so, talk to us in the comments. Thanks a lot!