Listen, my last name is Gilligan so I’ve heard it all.

Where’s the Skipper? Hey, little buddy. Don’t forget Mary Anne!

Enough! No more, I say!

But I guess I probably didn’t have it that bad compared to some people. Still, I heard every lame joke in the book growing up.

And so did these folks! Let’s see what kind of lame jokes they’ve had to endure because of their names.

1. Australia puns.

Totally lame, if you ask me.

2. Ouch. Sorry about that.

That must have been rough.

3. You poor thing.

I hope you’re over it now.

4. Davy Jones for the win!

No, not that Davy Jones…

5. This is bad.

And not very funny.

6. Jake the Snake!

Never gets old.

7. A real, unique name.

You do you!

8. A-A-Ron here.

That’s tough…

9. Smooth Criminal!

Young kids, look it up.

10. You just can’t win.

Still traumatized by it.

11. Well-informed bullies.

Well, that’s kind of nice, I guess.

12. Neither are very good.

But what do you expect from people?

Do you have one of those names that people seem to make fun of?

If so, tell us about the lame jokes you hear.

Do it in the comments, please!