I feel a certain kind of kinship with the people who get called out in these posts because I am terrible at math and it was always my worst subject throughout my school years.

Ugh…even thinking about math class is giving me a little bit of anxiety right about now…

BUT, while I do feel a connection with these folks, I also think that they dug their own graves because they should have known better than to speak out of turn about something they clearly know nothing about: MATH.

Sometimes, it’s best just to keep your mouth shut, ya know?

Let’s take a look at these math fails…and try not to feel too sorry for these folks…

1. Hahahaha. The response is great.

And that person might be right…

Not age appropriate.
byu/dedokta intheydidntdothemath

2. Let’s call it a draw.

Nice try, though. Maybe next time…

Small brain moment
byu/Jamo999 intheydidntdothemath

3. What kind of quarters are you using?

Something’s not adding up…

A penny a day for a year will get you nowhere….
byu/GustavGarlicBread intheydidntdothemath

4. This post is just weird.

How’d you come up with that number, sir?

Not sure that’s how that works…
byu/Brokenrecords910 intheydidntdothemath

5. Maybe we need to re-do your math.

The calculations are all outta whack.

Tipping Ain’t A City In China
byu/atlienk intheydidntdothemath

6. Not so fast…

Let’s start from the beginning.

So close
byu/–MichaelScott– intheydidntdothemath

7. It’s called Math.

You should try it sometime…

Ah yes, calculation
byu/EkskiuTwentyTwo intheydidntdothemath

8. Let’s have a hard one next time.

Yeah, genius! Bring it on!

Ignore the comment
byu/StupidButAlsoDumb intheydidntdothemath

9. Hahahaha. Wow.

This is kind of amazing.

What a genius
byu/lukeber4 intheydidntdothemath

10. This makes my head hurt.

Well, they all tried.

at least they tried
byu/shwifti intheydidntdothemath

11. Feels like a whole hour…

This is what true love looks like.

[deleted by user]
by intheydidntdothemath

Ugh…that’s enough math for one day.

How about you?

Are you good at math or pretty terrible at it?

Talk to us in the comments and fill us in!