Have you ever been called out by friends or total strangers about something you were wearing?

It’s no fun at all!

But hey…it happens to the best of us…

Take a look at these folks who shared some roasts from the dreaded Fashion Police.

1. What’s your next case?

This is great.

2. Hahahaha. Wow.

Who does this?

3. Are you a cop?

You look like a cop…

4. Bleached Prince.

Well, that wasn’t nice.

5. Poor Muppets…

What did you do?!?!

6. That’s a good thing in my book.

Dr. Jones!

7. Painted on.

Skinny jeans = Not good.

8. Back into the fields you go.

Showed her!

9. Escape from the zoo.

This is harsh.

10. Didn’t go as planned.

This one hurts!

11. Well, well, well…

You had it coming.

How about you?

Have you ever been roasted by the fashion police?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments!