Is there a Drunk Hall of Fame yet? Or maybe it’s still under construction?

Whatever the case, there definitely should be a Drunk Hall of Fame.

Because most of us have, at some point in our lives, gotten a little too wasted and acted like idiots.

Hey, don’t beat yourself up about it! It ain’t no big thing. It’s probably not even on video…probably. Just relax, I doubt it’s on video…

Anyway, stop worrying about the video thing and enjoy these drunken antics from some pretty hilarious folks.

Let’s see what they got up to!

1. This is incredible!

What are the chances?!?!

2. Don’t drunk text your grandma.

It never ends well.

3. You’re going to HELL.

But you already know that.

4. Yes. Yes, I have.

It looks like you have, too.

5. Let’s take a snooze.

Or you can at least just lay there.

6. Don’t do it!

Never a good idea!

7. A beautiful moment.

Something to shoot for in the future.

8. Oh, right…coffee…

That’s kind of embarrassing.

9. Get it together, buddy.

Let’s take a down a notch, okay?

10. You did the right thing.

And we’re going to stand behind you!

11. Brad Pitt.

In the armpit.

12. That’s a major fail.

Were you able to correct this major error?

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about the drunkest you’ve ever been and what happened as a result.

Let’s see who has the best and most humiliating story out there!