If nothing else, cats are very honest. When they want to eat, they let you know. When they want to be touched, they let you know. And when they disapprove of your stupid human behavior…they give you a look that lets you know that they are judging you and all of your life choices.

If you’re a cat owner, tell me if any of these photos look familiar.

1. Double judgment stare.

2. What did you do now?

3. Do not look me in the eye.

4. The look of disappointment.

5. How dare you?

6. PO’d from high above.

7. Thousand-yard stare.

8. Looks a little angry, I’m not gonna lie.

9. Very upset with you.

10. Might never get over this one.

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Ohhhh, I’ve seen these looks plenty of times.

Not the most friendly creatures on the planet, are they…?

Share some pics of your own cats giving you the stink eye in the comments!