If You Play ‘The Sims’, You’ll Probably Enjoy These Tweets

(C)Wikimedia Commons


Remember The Sims? That interesting video game where you try to live your best life in a simulated environment?

Maybe you even still play it, since new versions of the game continue to be released today.

If you’ve spent any time playing this unique video game, these tweets should look very familiar.

1. Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs.

2. It really shows.

3. Many, many times…

4. It was life or death for some.

5. Sounds like a hot night.

6. Time to sleep.

7. It’s like playing Twister.

8. This is a serious question.

9. Can you imagine?

10. What kind of monster are you?

Got any good or funny memories from your days spent playing The Sims?

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