You try your best not to snicker when you’re in a cemetery, but dammit, sometimes you can’t help yourself when you stumble across a tombstone like one of these.

Wandering through graveyards is always a weird and fascinating experience…and sometimes you run into folks like this…

1. We got a spanker here.

2. You should’ve listened.

3. Didn’t work out that way.

4. Poor Fred…

5. Now what?

6. Good old Merv!

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#funnytombstones #mervgriffin

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7. Rodney was a legend!

8. That one hurts.

9. Also a psycho.

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? brilliant ! #grave #funnygravestones #rip ⚰️✝️

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10. That’s a zinger!

Those sure are a hoot!

Do you have any photos of funny/interesting/weird tombstones? Let’s see them in the comments!