These Hilarious Tweets All Have More Than 100,000 Likes

(C)Unsplash,Bruce Dixon


These last few months have been awfully tough for everyone, but I will say that online humor sure seems to be thriving.

I’m not saying that is a good trade-off by any stretch of the imagination, I’m just making an observation.

And we have some great examples just for you!

These tweets have all garnered more than 100,000 likes in the past few months because they’re all totally hilarious!

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s do it!

1. Thankful for this!

I was worried…

2. You’re freaking people out!

But…it is kinda funny…

3. Oh, boy…that’s not good.

What’s your screen time looking like?

4. Hahahaha. This is good.

Which character are you?

5. I’m always feeling this, too.

Time to start a new project.

6. WHO let the dogs out!

This might be the tweet of the century.

7. You have to stay entertained somehow.

Not a bad way to spend the time.

8. That is beautiful!

Isn’t nature majestic???

9. This is good.

If nothing else, people are being pretty creative right now.

10. All of these will work.

Which one will you choose for today?

11. Let’s not lie about it…


12. Let’s play a game.

You know the delivery guys will be coming by A LOT.

13. This is brilliant!

You have to keep folks entertained.

Those are great!

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

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It could be a meme, a tweet, a joke, or a photo.

Thanks in advance!