If you have a dog or a cat, you know the drill.

All of them are pretty mischievous and they like to get into trouble and push your buttons.

Of course, you still love them anyway, but sometimes they need to be taught a lesson.


And once in a while, that punishment comes in the form of public humiliation and shaming.

That’ll show ’em, right?

Let’s take a look at 14 pets that got called out publicly by their owners for doing naughty deeds.

1. Huxley seems like a handful.

But just look at that face!

2. You scared him!

So please, don’t do that again.

3. Don’t believe the meows from this one.

Already been fed…

4. I love this barn cat!

And, by the way, his name is Darrel.

5. Time to repair the screen door…again…

I’m here! Where’s the party?!?!

6. These two are big troublemakers.

Spending money like it’s going out of business.

100% true story from ferrets

7. She got really scared…

You’re not dying!

She scream at dingleberry from petshaming

8. Did what you had to do.

But you probably shouldn’t do that to strangers.

Hamburger thief from AnimalsBeingJerks

9. Disco poo for the win!

Sounds funny and kind of dangerous.

10. Hahahaha. That face!

Do you think this cat looks guilty?

The smile says it all from petshaming

11. Keeps on ruining everything.

Knock it off!

12. Making new friends.

But you might scare some folks, too.

13. That’s gonna be fun to clean up.

You’ll be finding that stuff for years around the house.

14. You’re not going anywhere!

I love this dog’s face!

Those are hilarious!

And I have a feeling that we haven’t heard the last of some of these pets…and that they’ll be shamed online again soon enough.

Have you ever had to do this to any of your pets?

If so, please share your pictures and your stories with us in the comments!

We’d love to hear from you!