Sometimes, our pets push the limits so much and cross the line a little too often…

And do you know what happens then?

They get SHAMED and HUMILIATED online for all to see.

Because they need to be taught a lesson or else it’ll just keep happening over and over…

Actually, I have a feeling they probably still do it over and over anyway, but at least we can laugh at these situations together.

And, you never know, they might actually be learning their lesson.

Let’s meet some pets that got called out online by their very annoyed owners.

1. Do not feed this cat!

It’s all a huge act.

This cat being publicly fat shamed
byu/baquea inmildlyinteresting

2. I’ll take that!

Who can really deny a pizza if it’s right in front of you?

3. Have fun with this!

That really wasn’t cool.

4. Hahahaha. Ate his teeth!

That’s really not good.

Husband/Dog Shaming Photo! Dog ate husband’s teeth!!
byu/eaclem indogpictures

5. Where are those damn keys?

Oh, there they are…

6. I wouldn’t mess with this guy.

He looks MEAN.

7. You embarrassed your mother!

Now you must be shamed.

8. Never pick a fight with a skunk.

Probably won’t make that mistake again.

9. Now that is pretty scary.

I think I would be pretty upset about this.

10. Working in tandem.

These two are definitely double trouble.

11. No more Alexa in this household.

Alexa, what the hell just happened?

12. Up to no good.

Definitely did it on purpose…

I’ve been told this belongs here, and I’m inclined to agree.
byu/CreatrixAnima inCatsAreAssholes

13. You ruined everything!

Now we can never finish that puzzle.

Let’s hope that these animals get their damn acts together very soon.

Because I, for one, am tired of this lawlessness!

How about you?

Have you ever had to publicly shame your pets for acting up?

If so, please share some stories and photos with us in the comments.

Thanks in advance!