If you’re a Twitter person, you’ll likely know that Wendy’s social media game is totally on point.

Example 1, in which they expertly troll McDonald’s:

Photo Credit: Twitter

Example 2, in which they give dating advice:

Photo Credit: Twitter

And one more, just for funsies (and because I could do this all day):

Photo Credit: Twitter

So I guess it shouldn’t surprise us to learn that they’ve been killing the promotional and training game for a few decades now – and the proof is in these amazing training videos from the 80s that teach employees how to do everything from pouring hot drinks to properly putting cookies on a tray.

And like with all amazing material, they do it all with a happy song.

Wendy’s isn’t shying away from what some might consider an embarrassing past, either – they’re embracing their previous (if dated) brilliance). They responded right away to radio host Brian Fink after he unearthed the treasure above:

Photo Credit: Twitter

Also, did you know chili could be served with CHEESE?

If you’ve ever needed some grilling advice, Wendy’s has you covered – parts 1 and 2.

Everyone on Twitter loved the blast from the past, with some claiming they’re ready to quit their day job, others excited about the prospect of finally pouring tea the right away, and everyone unsure if they’ll ever be able to get that hot drinks song out of their heads.

You’re welcome!