These Funny, Random Tweets Should Put You in a Good Mood



I’m a bit down in the dumps, so I needed an article like this; an article full of random, hilarious tweets that I knew would make feel a whole lot better.

Are you dragging your wagon a little bit right now?

Then dive into these 15 tweets and prepare to get happy!

1. So you’re saying it’s the fault of the children?

2. That’s the one.

3. Anything and everything.

4. That’s a great photo. Thanks.

5. That’s a laugh-riot.

6. You’re gonna go far in this line of work.

7. “Hornier than a drunk nun.”

8. Wouldn’t be a lot of people around…

9. Well, did they?

10. That’s not good.

11. Talkin’ trash.

12. Seems like a great guy.

13. That’s…not what I meant.

14. He fled town.

15. That is brilliant.

Ahhhhh, that was nice.

Do you feel a little bit better? I know that I sure do…