Technology is great and makes our lives much easier, but sometimes it can also get a little…weird.

In fact, it might even make you say to yourself, “Do we really need this?” And sometimes the answer is just a flat-out, “Nope.”

Let’s take a look at some tweets about technological advancements that might just leave you scratching your head…

1. Interesting…

2. Time for an update.

3. You need this information.

4. Imposter!

5. Weirdddddd…

6. You’re wasting my time, fridge!

7. No thanks.

8. “We’re updating your shoes.”

9. That is very odd.

10. I wouldn’t be opposed to having one of these.

11. That’s basically what it is.

12. Way too much work for water.

13. Hmmmm….

14. I’m trying to make dinner here!

Do you have any new products that make are supposed to be convenient but are kind of doing the opposite?

If so, tell us about them with us in the comments!