Is there anything better than some playful, cute animals to put a big smile on your face.

Especially when those cute animals are CATS. Keep in mind, cats are in charge of US, not the other way around.

Let’s see some funny cat posts so we can turn our frowns upside down.

1. Total drama queen.

Screamed at me to let him on the balcony and now he’s doing this. Total drama queen. from aww

2. Two thumbs up!

My girl, Rasputin, showing off her thumbs. from cats

3. Opposites do attract.

My sister recently adopted a kitten and he’s already become very attached to her dog… Apparently, the feeling’s mutual! from aww

4. LOL. So funny.

5. She’s literally doing it, bro.

6. I wasn’t doing anything, I swear.

7. Screaming in a good way, I think.

Our new boy SCREAMING from cats

8. What are you doing in my house?

9. Boots is waiting to be served.

10. Whatever works, just go with it.

11. Not a happy camper.

*angy* from aww

12. I would love it if Buster lived in my house.

Good kitties! That did the trick for me.

If you have a funny pic of your cat, show us in the comments! We’d love to meet your furry feline friends!