Trends come and go, but let’s hope this one sticks around! It’s basically timeless – I mean, how can you ever go wrong with someone dressed up in an inflatable T-Rex costume?

The answer is YOU CAN’T.


Get on the train, y’all, you won’t regret it.

1. Slides aren’t his thing.

2. A meeting of the minds.

3. Caught between two of these monsters.

4. That kid has no idea what’s behind him.

5. 5K in that thing? Are you crazy?

6. Gotta pay the bills.

7. A good use of free time.

8. A battle royale.

9. This looks like fun!

10. Casually hanging out in the house.

11. On my way!

12. Duct tape fixes everything.

13. Feed me! Now, please.

14. Tag teaming this guy.

15. Okay, this might be the best photo of the bunch.

I saw someone walking down my street wearing one of these in the middle of the day recently, so you know this is a hot item.

Do you have yours yet?