You’ve heard of Boudoir photoshoots before, where women look all sexy in lingerie or little to no clothing. Well, now we have “Dudeoir.” Yes, you read that correctly.

The woman behind this very interesting photoshoot is named Tami Bears, and she has flipped the tradition on its head by deciding to photograph a very memorable individual named Joshua.

I think you’re going to enjoy this immensely.

Oh, and by the way, YOU’RE WELCOME!

1. Get a load of this guy.

2. A true American, right there.

3. Ladies, how do you feel about this?

4. What’s behind the flag?

5. Looking all coy. 

6. Here’s where it starts to heat up.

7. Frolicking in the fields.

8. The finger on the lips really sells it.

9. Chowin’ down on some sweet sugar.

10. This is wonderful.

11. Ladies can’t have all the fun.

12. Let your flag fly.

13. Wrapped in Old Glory

14. One more for good measure.

Do you have any similar photos (Safe For Work, of course)?

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