If you’re not following an artist named Johan Deckmann on Instagram, you’re doing it all wrong!

Sorry…I didn’t mean to yell at you…I just think that his fake self-help books are so darn funny and I don’t want any of you to miss out.

See, I’m looking out for you!

So quit wasting more time and check out these totally FAKE titles that Deckmann has come up with.


1. Can we please go back to the good old days?

Who knows, maybe this book will do the trick…


2. Just go ahead and do nothing, okay?

Sounds like a great life plan!


3. Well, now I’m just getting confused.

Let’s start from the beginning…of the book, I mean…


4. This is called “fakin’ it until you makin’ it.”

We all do it at some point.


5. Sometimes, it’s the only reasonable route to pursue.

Trust us on this one, okay?


6. I think I could’ve written this one.

Mine would be a four-volume set.


7. Does this book sound familiar to you?

I thought you might say YES.


8. Just roll with it, baby!

You can’t get too concerned with the little details.


9. Uh oh…I might need to read this a few times.

Time to read it again…


10. This will come in handy!

Let me know if you want to borrow my copy.


11. Just push it all to the back of your mind.

Now it doesn’t exist!


12. This sounds pretty tricky.

Good luck to you!


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