These “Coloring Book Corruptions” Will Make You Laugh and Want to Break out the Crayons



Whenever I’m spending time with young kids who belong to my family members and friends and they say, “do you want to color to me?”, I say, “you know it!”.

The point of that story is that I love to color and I think a lot of other adults do, too.

A page called Coloring Book Corruptions highlights the work of all kinds of folks who love to color. Some are sick, some are twisted, and some are just plain weird. Just the way we like them!

Here are some great examples of work from the page. Be sure to check out the website, as well!

1. Under the sea!

It’s time for a meal!

2. Look out for the hunter!

Didn’t see that one coming…

3. This guy should not be on the road.

He had a few too many, judging by his back seat…

4. The world is on fire.

But at least they look happy.

5. That’s pretty disturbing.

The spawn of the devil.

6. I got the munchies!

I want to hang out with these two…

7. That really doesn’t look good.

Blood bath…literally.

8. The family that slays together.

They stay together!

9. A really demented fly.

Juggling heads in his spare time.

10. This is terrifying.

And I love it.

11. The altar of Satan.

Hey, that looks kind of fun!

12. These are really awesome.

We got a talented one on our hands here!

Those are great! And they make me want to go buy some art supplies right away!

How about you? Are you a fan of “adult coloring”?

Talk to us in the comments and share some photos of your work.

We’d love to see it!