These Cats All Muscled in and Stole Beds That Belonged to Dogs

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I grew up in a house with both dogs and cats, so I know that this is a story as old as time itself. You buy your dog a cool bed for them to relax and sleep on. Almost immediately, your cat (or cats) takes over the bed and the dog just looks on helplessly because it is terrified of the cat. And now the bed belongs to the cat.


You better believe it happens all the time. And here are some photos just so you know what I’m saying is true.

Let’s take a look…

1. What am I supposed to do?

His face says it all.

2. The look of defeat.

Totally devastated.

3. I guess I’ll lay down over here…

While the cat stares at me with evil eyes.

4. Mom…a little help?

I don’t think that belongs to you anymore.

5. Banished to the hallway.

And there’s no coming back.

6. This one is hilarious.

They both just look so sad.

7. This dog kind of seems okay with it.

Or at least he’s putting on a good show.

8. Awwww, they’re sharing.

At least they are for now…

9. This pooch just looks terrified.

Pleading for help.

10. At least you left a bone in there.

To mark your territory.

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11. There’s no way they could overpower that cat, right?

Sounds about right…

Those poor dogs don’t have a clue what to do. And they know if they try to get their beds back, there will be Hell to pay.

Oh well, I guess it belongs to the cat now.

Does this happen in your household? If so, please share a story and/or a photo with us in the comments.

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