Have you ever noticed that Pixar movies have little “easter eggs” hidden throughout them? They’re references to other movies that only viewers with the keenest eyes can spot. Well, these 15 photos are like “easter eggs” in the real world. They might not look like much at first, but if you look a little closer you’ll see that they’re something completely different.

1. Don’t step on that pineapple!

Photo Credit: Reddit: snorris93

2. This small stone covered in moss looks like a private island in the tropics.

Photo Credit: Reddit: pilaf

3. Don’t mistake this piece of abrasive paper for a juicy steak.

4. “When this sign wasn’t here, people used to put their purses and sit on the water thinking it was a well-polished table.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: jj420mc

5. Might want to check for visitors before you put on these flip-flops.

6. This looks like it’s straight out of a horror film.

7. This tree stays healthy by eating avocados.

Photo Credit: Imgur: PattyCracker

8. The reflections on this building resemble chromosomes.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Uqc0668

9. This pepper’s favorite animal is a penguin.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Sijnjau

10. Bird? Nope, just a crack in the windshield.

11. This bit of grapefruit pulp looks just like a fly.

Photo Credit: Reddit: litsi

12. This is how you make cell phone towers less noticeable.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Lucascom

13. When you put soap in the microwave it looks just like freshly baked bread.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Horacioo

14. Um, I don’t know if I want to roast this one…

15. Palm trees or giant pineapples? You decide.

Photo Credit: Reddit: notnexus