There are ideas that are clever and interesting. There are marketing concepts that are well-thought out and not gross or sexist or insufferably dumb. Then, there’s this.

The Kinepolis movie theater in Leuven, Belgium, holds what they call a “ladies night” every month. These screening are for women only, and the theater provides attendees with small gift bags. On June 6th, the Kinepolis screened Wonder Woman on their “ladies night at the movies,” an obvious and excellent choice. Unfortunately, the gift bags they chose to give out that night contained cleaning products and a pamphlet advertising diet pills.

You know, chick stuff.

To be fair, the bag also contained nachos, something called Popri, which is a chocolate described on its website as “both smooth and crunchy,” and what appears to be a bag of instant noodles. Because when you’re scrubbing and squeegeeing, it’s important to have snacks. Especially when you’re already starving from those diet pills you’ve been taking. Amiright, ladies?

Photo Credit: Twitter

According to Google Translate, the above post from Mattias De Vuyst says something along the lines of: “After women’s Wonder Woman. Should anyone give this to me, a friend, or my love, I would be raging !!” We agree and find it inconceivable that the people behind this gift bag didn’t stop for a second and say, “Hey, guys? Maybe we should rethink this.” To which Guillaume the intern would have said, “Yes. You’re right. These bags are missing tampons.” (Guillaume is not the brightest.)

Photo Credit: Twitter

Movie-goer Laurent Delbar tweeted: “@Kinepolis exclusive goodie bag at ladies at the movies. A sponge, brush and a squeegee. Perfect tools for a Wonder Woman?” Uh, yeah! The Kinepolis knows that even Wonder Woman likes to keep a clean house, Laurent.

So every time you see men complaining about Wonder Woman, women-only screenings, and how sexist women are in that reverse-sexism-voodoo-mind-trick way, remember the Kinepolis and those damn sponges.


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