I’ve been single for quite a while now, and that’s okay.

I know I have my quirks and I also know that it’s gonna take a very special someone for me to give up my independence.

And knowing is half the battle, right?

These brave souls were nice enough to get real about why they’re single. Let’s dive in.

1. That wasn’t a compliment.

In case you didn’t know.

2. That’s your best?

If you say so…

3. Never give up hope!

That call might come tomorrow.

4. Now it’s over.

Time to move on.

5. You’re lying!

That was a test.

6. That could be a problem.

Just letting you know.

7. I’m right about this!

People and their laundry…sheesh.

8. Not the one.

Not by a longshot.

9. Father always knows best.

And here’s one more example.

10. Can I clone myself?

And sleep in a cave?

11. Find your happiness.

Focus on yourself!

12. Darn right!

You nailed it!

Are you single?

If so, why?

Talk to us in the comments and spill your guts!