There’s a lot of buzz around the new film version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid and it promises to be one of the blockbuster movies of 2023.

The film stars Melissa McCarthy as Ursula and Halle Bailey as Ariel.


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A lot of people have been vocal about how the casting of a black actress to play Ariel has been a positive change and is good example of why representation matters in media and pop culture.


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Now, on the trailer for the film: everyone has been chomping at the bit to get a good look at Melissa McCarthy as Ursula…but audiences are going to have to wait a little bit longer to get the whole picture because this new trailer for The Little Mermaid features just a glimpse of McCarthy in the background…but we do get to hear her character’s voice!

So we have that going for us…

You know how those bigwig Hollywood studio executives like to build tension and keeps audiences guessing as long as possible!

The movie comes out on May 26 and a full trailer will be released before the film hits theaters.

Here’s the teaser trailer to give you a sneak peek! Take a look!

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