According to Wikipedia, camouflage first came about in the 18th century when rifle units started wearing green patchy outfits to blend in with forrest surroundings.

But according to me, it first came about when some fish got born looking like a rock and didn’t get eaten so he made a bunch of other rock-lookin’ fish.

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However it happened, it’s kind of everywhere now, including places nobody even needed it to be. It happens by accident. Here, look at these memes, you’ll see what I mean. (or WILL you?)

15. When your scarf is a floor

Let’s not lose our heads over this.

14. When your skirt is some rocks

Just don’t go skipping yourself on the water.

13. When your socks are a carpet

I don’t know why this looks so cozy but it does.

12. When your shirt is your bed

He doesn’t know what’s happening but he’s happy about it.

11. When your top is your phone

Surely you saw this one coming, Jessica.

10. When your dress is a curtain

Ta da!

9. When your pants are a bed

Get a leg up on your day.

8. When your shirt is flowers

Just plant me here, I’ll bloom.

7. When your shirt is bowl

Am I crazy or does it look like this dude poured milk in his mac and cheese?

6. When your outfit is tissues

What are ya gonna, cry about it?

5. When your shoes are stairs

Don’t trip.

4. When your clothes is chair

Have a seat, why don’t ya.

3. When your knit is floor

Is she in love?

2. When your shirt is drink

Do I spy choccy milk?

1. When your vibe is beer

That describes all of us.

Say hidden, stay safe.

How do you best blend in?

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