I’ve been reading a lot about NFTs lately, and I think I totally understand them now.

The way it works is that you have like, a meme, some picture of a thing on the internet, and then you ask a lot of computers to make a secret code that represents that meme.

If you wish hard enough and hoard a small nation’s worth of graphics cards, the computer will give you your code and then you can sell it to someone who then owns that meme, except not in any way that’s legally enforceable or means anything to anyone who isn’t you.

It’s. Foolproof.

All I gotta do is start collecting memes and I won’t be broke no more. Let’s start with these ones about how broke I am.

15. The long haul

Call it a budget trip.

14. The perfect loophole

I genuinely remember reading the student loan paperwork and getting to the part where it said if you die then nobody inherits the debt and I was like oh good, what a load off my mind.

13. I’m a believer

We’ll be there in no time, babe.

12. Thoughts and prayers

Try this one, see if it goes through.

11. Oh Christmas tree

Even Charlie Brown would look down on y’all for this.

10. The hunger pains

Nah, I’m good, I totally ate yesterday.

9. Acknowledge the limits

Also who tf still has a mall in their town?

8. Thug life

He earned that through a legitimate business, thank you.

7. Participation trophies

Guess I’ll just window shop on Windows.

6. It’s magic

Who’s laughing now?

5. The disguise

These GTA mods are getting out of hand.

4. Check it out

He is the most judgemental of all the founding fathers.

3. The spice of life

You’re welcome babe, anything for you.

2. Don’t ask, don’t tell

Ignorance truly is bliss.

1. The dilemma

This is simply the price we pay.

Now. Who wants to buy these from me? The bidding starts at a billion dollars.

What’s your current get-rich-quick scheme?

Tell us in the comments.