We all know that memes aren’t money – yet – but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be eventually.

I mean think about it – the entire concept of money and currency is arbitrary and made up anyway. The little slip of paper in my wallet with the number 20 on it can get me a pizza only because we all just kind of agree that it can. The numbers that rise and fall in my bank account aren’t even a physical thing, just little bits of data zipping around from one place to another so I can have a spatula delivered to my house or whatever.

With that being essentially all money is, why not hope for a future where we’re not poor, but rather very rich – in memes.

Here are some to help you start your investment portfolio.

10. Living large

Oh, what, was I gonna buy a house with that instead?

9. Sugar daddy

I’m not too proud.

8. The college experience

I can, in fact, explain this. It’s a phenomenon referred to as “having rich parents.”

7. The flex

If anything I’m more intrigued by the truth, tbh.

6. Portion control

It’s the most important part of a new day.

5. It’ll be great

Yeah, no, I’ll totally get us a round.

4. All about presentation

That’s the classiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

3. Let’s just see

It’s quite the gamble.

2. Pimp my ride

Haters to the left, jealousy is a disease.

1. The big act

Whatever could the problem be?

Best of luck to us all. May we ever be rich in memes.

What’s your get-rich scheme?

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