Are you broke? Broke as a joke? A severely unfunny joke because being broke is actually an enormous source of anxiety?

Well, no worries. I mean, worries. You’ve definitely got worries. but help us to ease some of those worries by presenting these broke memes that actually ARE fairly funny jokes.

How is that possible, you ask? Well, scientists have been working on it. Ironically, the development process was very expensive. So I hope you enjoy these.

10. Workin’ for the weekend

I swear, there was stuff in here just a couple of days ago.

9. In and out

Here it is! There it goes!

8. A penny saved

On the real though, I never want to find out how much money I’ve given to the Taco Bell corporation throughout my life.

7. Changing times

You also graduated college with zero debt because the economy hadn’t been ruined yet.

6. So spacious

An experienced city dweller will be like “sure it’s cozy, but look how close it is to transit.”

5. The memories

Where was I? Oh right, suffering.

4. Stay it, don’t pay it

If only it didn’t constantly cost money to literally continue living.

3. The grand total

I came in here for toothpaste, how did this happen?

2. What a treat

Thanks a lot, Parks and Rec. Once again you’ve led me astray.

1. Splash that cash

It came out of nowhere!

Reading all of these has made me hungry. For money. Money hungry. Is that something?

How broke are you on a scale from 1 to everything?

Tell us in the comments.