Teen Crashes Into Driving School While Taking Driver’s License Test


Everyone who’s taken a driver’s test has probably worried about crashing during it, but for one Minnesota teen, it actually happened. And to add insult to injury, she crashed into the very driving school where the test was taking place.

We don’t know this novice driver’s name, and we don’t know how much practice she’s had behind the wheel. All we know is that around 2 p.m. in Buffalo, Minnesota, the high schooler put a 2014 Chevy Equinox through a store front.

It happened because of an error we’ve all made behind the wheel: she thought she was putting the car into reverse, but in fact had it in drive. Apparently, neither she nor the person administering the test, it should be noted, spotted the mistake. They were also unable to hit the brakes in time, leading to this result:

Photo Credit: Buffalo Police

Thankfully, nobody involved was seriously hurt–not the driver, not anyone inside the building. The driving instructor did have to go to the hospital with non-critical injuries. The worst-off person in this whole story is poor Jim from Edina Realty, whose job just got a lot harder.

And now the wannabe motorist is back to the drawing board. The first lesson to brush up on should probably be the whole drive vs. reverse thing. After that, it might be good to cover “how to ease out of a parking space instead of flooring it.”

To be fair, those of us who drive were all new drivers at one point, and most of us have probably damaged a car or a building or three, so it’s difficult to make fun of her too much.

So hey, Minnesota teen, if you’re reading this, don’t feel too bad. Your career as a driver might have started off poorly, but there’s nowhere to go now but up!

(And no, that’s not me encouraging you to take up flying lessons.)


h/t: Slate