Unless you grew up with hearing difficulties, it can be tough to fully understand how hard it is to be deaf. Simple things that we take for granted are processed completely differently for those with hearing impairments.

Photo Credit: Facebook: Anna Trupiano

Like farts, for example.

First-grade teacher Anna Trupiano found this out when one of her deaf students “let one rip” during class one day. Since the other kids couldn’t contain their laughter, she saw this as a teaching opportunity. What happened next was pure gold…

Ah, the moment when a child learns the difference between a regular fart and a “silent but deadly.” It’s kind of beautiful, isn’t it?

Teacher of the year right here. Teacher of the CENTURY.

Photo Credit: Facebook: Anna Trupiano

After her post received so much attention on Facebook, Anna made a follow-up post with some options and ideas for how to get more involved with the American Sign Language community.

Photo Credit: Facebook: Anna Trupiano

Not surprisingly, people across social media fell in love with this story.

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And while everyone enjoyed the humor, some used it to start a conversation. It’s not just a funny story about farting–it also shows us how the world is different for people with disabilities, in all kinds of ways.

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One person highlighted how learning just works better when the teacher and the student speak the same language.


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Funny how a simple fart can lead to so much good!



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