Call her a crazy cat lady if you must, but Audrey doesn’t really care.

Audrey can’t stop Photoshopping her cats, and you know what? We don’t want her to!

Here are some of her greatest creations.

1. Manatee cat?

2. Polar cat on the prowl

3. Who?

4. Yeti kitty

5. A strange hybrid

6. Call the Pentagon!

7. A wondrous creature

8. Beached

9. Another owl cat

10. Land ho!

11. Jackrabcat

12. The elusive white squirrel cat

13. The latest fashion trend

14. Chicky?

15. The miracle of flight

16. Catxlotl

17. Celebrity status

18. Stingcat

19. Little kitty foo foo

20. Panda cat

Can you top those pics?