We all have our interests in life, right?

Some of us like sports, some like film, some enjoy knitting. Hey, to each their own. That’s what life is all about.

But this guy…this guy is really something else.

I’m talking about a fella named Bill Young who travels all over the place for work and in his downtime documents the various hotel carpets that he sees on his many stops.

And I, for one, was actually pretty surprised at how different all the hotel carpets are out there. Who knew?!?!

I guess when you spend that much time on the road, you start to notice the little things that other people don’t…

Young even has a book that you can buy!

Let’s check out his photos.

1. Kind of looks like bacteria.

I mean, not in a bad way…


2. I’m freakin’ out, man!

Someone is gonna have a bad trip tonight.


3. Looks pretty mid-century modern.

Very hip, yes?


4. Straight from Bangor, Maine.

They do things a little bit differently up there.


5. Not sure what I’m looking at here.

Is that supposed to be fire?


6. I see a face in there…

This hotel might be haunted, FYI.


7. Totally tubular, totally 1980s!

I like this a lot, actually!


8. A little bit different, but okay…

How would you describe this?


9. I feel like I’m in outer space.

And I’m not complaining.


10. All kinds of different shapes going on here.

Fun for the whole family!


11. Well, this is pretty unusual.

From all the way over in Europe.


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