You might have noticed that the internet has some opinions. Strong ones. In fact, it’s hard to find any opinion expressed on the internet that isn’t at one extreme or another.

So when people start talking about things they find unpleasant or unlikable, we shouldn’t be surprised that it gets couched in terms that boldly declare said thing SHOULD NOT EVEN EXIST.

That’s what’s been happening with this particular hashtag on Twitter. So, let’s find out which things people truly believe should get the ax from reality.

10. Carpet Bathrooms

It’s all nice and comfy until your aim is a little off one night and suddenly you’re trying to scrub tinkle out of your carpet.

9. This guy from Pokemon

How about you don’t tell me what to do, huh? How about you let me live my life?

8. Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillows

I used to date a girl who had one of these.
USED to.

7. Hip Dog Carriers

“Cheryl, just let me walk. I LOVE walking. It’s like my favorite thing.”

6. “Twinkle Tush”

There is something deeply wrong with this.
Like, I feel like it’s going to awaken some ancient evil god.

5. These Stupid Cake Things

I don’t know how, but it’s the loudest plastic ever made.

4. The Virus

Whoa, controversial take coming through!

3. These Pants

I’m exhausted just looking at them.

2. LED Headlights

Just because you CAN make them that bright doesn’t mean you NEED to.

1. Twitter Cropping

What a load of crop.

I’m sure we can poof most of these away soon.

What thing do you think shouldn’t exist?

Tell us in the comments.