The world is a strange place, no doubt about it.

And the folks who inhabit this place that we call Earth?

They’re insane! Forget about it!

But I guess that’s part of the fun, right?

You’re darn right it is!

And one of the best places to see that insanity on display is when you peruse customer reviews on Amazon.

Take a look at some of the strangest ones!

1. I don’t believe these are vegan.

You should probably read the fine print.

Photo Credit: Amazon

2. This indoor garden thingy.

Well, isn’t that nice?

Photo Credit: Amazon

3. This didn’t go very well.

Yikes…these two need some therapy.

Photo Credit: Amazon

4. It’s not working!

Trust me, I’ve tried, too…

Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Good for all things spoon-related.

You really should try them!

Photo Credit: Amazon

6. All over the lawn.

What else could you ask for?

Photo Credit: Amazon

7. The perfect bucket.

Don’t lie…you know you want one…

Photo Credit: Amazon

8. I know what I’m getting for Christmas!

It’s about time!

Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Caused all kinds of problems for Bernard.

We’re all worried about him.

Photo Credit: Amazon

10. Poor Bob…

He never really had a chance.

Photo Credit: Amazon

11. Here’s some good advice for you.

They might be right…

Photo Credit: Amazon

12. Not about wolves.

I’d file this under “False Advertising.”

Photo Credit: Amazon

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what you think are the most ridiculous online reviews you’ve ever seen.

Please and thank you!