I love seeing examples of people getting innovative and clever!

We might feel like we’re so advanced and have it all figured out in this day and age, but there’s always room for improvement when it comes to pretty much everything.

And you’re about to see some really cool examples of people who came up with really smart solutions to different problems.

Let’s take a look!

1. This is a great idea.

I’ve always believed that ties need more than one purpose. Do you agree?

This tie is made with a microfiber lining so you can clean your phone screen. from mildlyinteresting

2. This is really amazing!

Watch out for bikers when you’re on the road, please!

This bikers jacket has signal and brake lights. from mildlyinteresting

3. Skate or die, bro!

This is really cool!

My school has skateboard parking from mildlyinteresting

4. Drown out all the noise.

I think all bathrooms probably need these.

This Japanese toilet has a privacy button which plays music so no one can hear you use the toilet. from mildlyinteresting

5. I’m on board with this in a major way!

Keep it coming!

Our local coffee shop uses frozen coffee cubes for iced coffee. from mildlyinteresting

6. Tourists definitely need this in Ireland and the UK.

And don’t forget about Australia!

Rental car in Ireland has dashboard sticker that reflects in the windshield to remind you what side of the road to drive on. from mildlyinteresting

7. Oh, I like this a lot!

Also, those fries look amazing.

This restaurant sells fries in paper cones – and the tables have diamond shaped holes that hold the cones. from mildlyinteresting

8. Go ahead and try all of them out.

You want to know what you’re buying, right?

This toilet at a Dutch Supermarket lets you test the brands of toilet paper they sell. from mildlyinteresting

9. What will it be?

All ones, please!

My banks atm let’s you pick what bills you want from mildlyinteresting

10. This is really nice.

And you know it helps a lot of people out.

This thrash can has a bottle rack so people don’t have to dig through the garbage to find some bottles and cans from mildlyinteresting

11. Have a drink on me.

Reward those folks behind the scenes!

At this restaurant you can buy a six pack for the kitchen crew from mildlyinteresting

12. This might be the best invention of all time.

What story would you like to hear tonight?

My hotel phone has a number for bedtime stories from mildlyinteresting

Have you ever come up with some cool solutions to problems?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments. And share some pics, too!

We can’t wait to hear from you!