When I say “Redneck Engineering”, I mean that in the nicest way, possible. I’m actually pretty jealous of the things that these folks came up with and I want to know their secrets!

If anyone out there is offering a workshop in these kinds of DIY tactics, please get in touch with me…I’m willing to pay top dollar.

Let’s see what brilliant works of art these folks came up with!

1. Put together those pipes and there you go!

Well, it works…

Touchless dispenser from redneckengineering

2. Eastern Europe has rednecks?

I guess there are rednecks all over the place!

From Eastern Europe but fits here from redneckengineering

3. That oughta do the trick.

Nice work, people!

Fixed the gate problem… from redneckengineering

4. Your son has a bright future.

Now that’s a smart young man!

My 12 year old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding from redneckengineering

5. This is kind of awesome.

And just a little bit creepy.

When you ask a welder to fix something for you. from redneckengineering

6. This should keep them out.

Kind of brilliant!

Master Lock 100 from redneckengineering

7. This person has figured out how to live.

Sir, will you consider being my Life Coach?

8. Natural pest control.

Go ahead and gobble all of them up!

man puts chicken on top of squeegee to eat the spiders trapped in the ceiling, natural pest control. from ItHadToBeBrazil

9. Remember to turn those off later!

We don’t want to have a fire on our hands, now do we?

Landlord decided to turn down the heat today in my MN apartment as it reached -40°. But the idiot must have forgotten he pays my electric and doesn’t realize that I value my comfort over safety or energy conservation. from funny

10. I think you could probably sell these things.

Not a bad idea!

I’m bad for using whatever tool is handy as a hammer, usually a crescent wrench. My husband learned a bit of welding and redneck engineered this for my birthday. from redneckengineering

11. I’ve been saying this for years!

Pack some more chips into those bags!

Buoyancy from redneckengineering

12. Gotta be safe out there.

Hey, it looks like it works, right?

Local Chinese restaurant. The entire kitchen is walled off with plastic. There’s a cardboard flap to pass money, and the box on the right acts as an airlock with two flaps to pass the food through. It’s all plastic sheet, cardboard and duct tape. from redneckengineering

Do you ever come up with any “redneck engineering” projects?

If so, we want to hear about them! And we want to see pics!

Share some photos in the comments and fill us in on the details. Thanks!