Russia remains a mystery to man people who live in the West.

Most folks who live in the U.S. or Canada or Western Europe only see snippets on the news and it’s usually never about anything positive.

But over 140 million people call Russia home and, just like anywhere else in the world, the vast majority of people are just trying to live their daily lives and do the best they can.

A photographer named Aleksandr Petrosyan lives in Saint Petersburg and he captures the colorful personalities and customs that make up life in that mysterious country. Let’s take a look.

1. Looks like a brisk dip.

Would you try this?

2. Protesting Russian style.

I wonder what’s really going on here…

3. A beautiful shot.

Take it all in…

4. Street life in Russia.

Looks pretty gray…

5. I love this snapshot.

Two very different types of people.

6. A leisurely stroll.

Taking it outdoors in the cool weather.

7. A man and his dog.

He’s what I picture the prototypical Russian to look like.

8. Hey! Off the car!

Took this fella by surprise.

9. Soviet housing blocks.

With a little bit of color thrown in.

10. This guy is intense.

I’d like to get some background info on him.

11. A winter wonderland.

But maybe not much fun if you’re walking.

12. Food for sale.

Care for a bite?

13. Walking the dogs.

These two pups look like they rule the neighborhood.

Have you ever spent any time in Russia?

If so, tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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