I was lucky enough to spend ten days in Russia in 2003 and I can honestly say it’s a trip that I’ll never forget.

My brother was teaching English in Poland at the time so I met him in Warsaw and then we took a 20-day trip through Poland, Estonia, Finland, and Russia.

Our time spent in Russia was intense and we got to see a lot of interesting things because we decided to take public transportation and walk everywhere as opposed to doing any kind of tourist package. It was eye-opening to say the least.

A photographer named Aleksandr Petrosyan captures everyday life in Russia and his photos give us Westerners a good perspective on how folks exist in that mysterious country.

Let’s take a look at his work.

1. Time to take a break.

Swings are fun at any age.


2. The faces of Russia.

So different from our own country.


3. The pig needed to get out.

And people are delighted!


4. Drinking and smoking.

Looks like hard times.


5. A woman and her cat.

The schoolgirls definitely took notice.


6. In the country.

Cow crossing, so keep your eyes peeled.


7. Looks rough.

Poverty abounds all over the planet.


8. Under the red hot moon.

What a great photo.


9. Walking for veterans.

They do have a lot of pride in the military.


10. Put out the fire.

He’s got it covered.


11. This guy looks like he is struggling.

From what? We’ll never know…


12. Let’s have a drink.

To your health!


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