Are you ready for your dose?

No! Not that kind of dose! I’m talking about awesome, hilarious, mesmerizing posts about CATS.

What else do you need, really?

The answer is nothing…absolutely nothing…

Let’s dig into some kitty posts. Enjoy!

1. Get it done, bro.

It’s gonna look totally bad*ss!

“Saving up to get my other sleeve done”
byu/RamboBoujee inaww

2. He’s had enough of the snow.

And so have we!

byu/Handro inpics

3. That’s quite an optical illusion.

What’s going on here?

Upon further inspection, her paws are not really orange
byu/meister2a inaww

4. You did the right thing!

This is awesome!

So.. I paid for a professional photoshoot of my cat, no regrets
byu/Loverstits inaww

5. Waiting her turn in line.

Like a very good kitty.

Who sent the cat to buy milk?
byu/HaRabbiAtta inpics

6. What do you think you’re doing?

And how did you get in there?

Meanwhile, back at the house……
by inaww

7. The prophecy was correct…

Behold, our new leader!

The prophecy spoke of his return
byu/VanillaNyx inaww

8. We know you’ve been cheating.

He looks pretty ashamed.

Miso is on diet. I found his stash.
byu/Caesar100 inaww

9. Some things never change.

Well, isn’t this wholesome?!?!

Faithful little desk buddy
byu/commonvanilla inaww

10. What are you doing in there?

Well, this is weird…

This is my cat…. This is not my house.
byu/MoonChaser22 incats

11. Keeping an eye on things.

Got the whole neighborhood on lockdown.

My cat messed up a single part of my window shades.. never realized why until just now.
byu/cbugg infunny

12. Not the hunting kind.

How cute!

I adopted Simba to hunt around the house. Instead, he became a friend with this mouse.
byu/vedadme91 inaww

13. This is a total mystery.

But they seem to like it up there.

I would explain if I could…
byu/R4PIDGAM3R inaww

14. Of course the cat was behind it.

Always like this with them…

15. You can run…

But you can’t hide…

I am darkness… they’ll never find me here
byu/ruinatedtubers inaww

16. The mystery is solved.

Gonna teach that guy a lesson!

I wonder what happened to the sausage…
byu/Salegosse infunny

17. Well, that worked out.

For the cat, at least.

My dog’s pillow fell to the roof couple days ago. It has a new owner now.
byu/Scalettas inaww

18. They are both riveted!

I wonder what they’re watching…

My cat watching TV with my mum
byu/hanamihoshi inaww

19. That’s a good one!

Everything lined up perfectly.

Once-in-a-lifetime photo I snapped in Egypt
byu/ShibaInu24 inaww

20. On the hunt.

It’s only a matter of time…

My cats all hunting a moth
byu/PixelRabbit_ inaww

How about you?

Do you share your home with any funny, furry felines?

If so, share some pics with us in the comments and tell us all about them.