It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiney day!

Why, you might be asking yourself?

Because we have a collection of stupendous cat posts that are gonna put a huge smile on your face, amigos!

Trust us, we got the good stuff this time! Let’s get ‘er started!

1. You knew that was coming…

There was no way around it.

Just as the prophecy foretold. from AnimalsBeingDerps

2. No more questions.

Sophie’s in charge here.

spotted at my local Agway from aww

3. What are you guys up to?

This is looking kind of shady.

Day 2 of Quarantine: The cats are plotting to kill me… from cats

4. If it fits…

You know the rest…

“Black cat” is the name of the wine from aww

5. Your little alarm clock.

Time to get up!

I’m up so you’re up from Eyebleach

6. What in the world is going on out there?

Things are getting weird around here.

Taken from my parents’ kitchen window. They don’t have any cats… from AnimalsBeingDerps

7. I don’t think this is true.

He’s been up to no good.

This is Manchester. He was NOT sticking his head in the flour jar. He does NOT have a flour problem. That is all. As you were. from aww

8. Follow the leader.

Hey, you’re catching on!

‘Am I doing it right?’ from aww

9. Get it together, Gizmo!

He’s not right in the head.

Gizmo’s not the brightest tool in the shed from AnimalsBeingDerps

10. What’s happening behind me?

She’s too afraid to look.

She has no idea what just slapped her in the face from aww

11. I’m back!

Did you miss me?

Everyday of vacation our house sitter could not find her. This is 3 seconds after we got home. from aww

12. Let me back in!

That’s a pretty smart cat, huh?

Cat turned on video doorbell after getting locked out from aww

13. Now, this is smart!

Gotta keep them away from the tree.

"My cat is afraid of tangerines, so i created a force field to protect the Christmas tree …" from aww

14. Don’t use that one.

Wait a second…

Terrible towel. Very scratchy. Does not dry well. 4/10 from aww

15. Well, this is just perfect.

And we love it!

Side view of the majestic orange tabby mid-gallop from aww

16. Can I ask what you’re doing up there?

What a weirdo.

This picture of my kitten in his cat tree always makes me laugh from aww

17. Job stopped halfway through.

Darn printers…

I guess the cat factory ran out of ink from aww

18. There she is!

Barely hanging in there.

Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out the window and.. from pics

19. What’s going on in there?

Just go ahead and let her move in.

I meowed at our neighbor’s cat once and now it regularly comes up to our door and just watches us live our lives. from aww

20. Who are you?

You really gave him quite a scare.

He saw me wearing hat for the first time from aww

Now we want to meet your kitties!

In the comments, share some pics and introduce us to your buddies.

We can’t wait! Thanks!