Do you have a cat (or maybe multiple cats) in your house?

If so, I want to ask you a question: when was the last time your beloved kitty acted like a jerk and really got on your nerves?

Go ahead and think about it, I’ll wait…

It was TODAY, wasn’t it?

Of course, it was! And I know that because I’ve had cats before and I know that they like to mess with us lowly human beings every day that we spend with them.

These folks got so fed up with the antics of their kitties that they decided to make signs warning others of their hijinx. Let’s see what happened…

1. Don’t go near that thing.

Looks can be very deceiving.

My mother asked me to run her country garage sale for a while. A sign became necessary due to his misleadingly cuddly appearance.
byu/ThatsnotwhatImeant84 incats

2. Fed up with this one.

Don’t fall for it!

3. You bet they’re shady.

You just can’t trust them…

4. Gotta watch this one.

Be careful with that arm, kitty.

5. This is awesome!

Keep an eye out for Moose!

My local Publix has a cat that hangs out in the parking lot that has been named Moose. The store bought him his very own sign to make drivers aware of him
by inaww

6. She’s doing just fine.

But she doesn’t look happy about that sign…

My Girlfriend’s Cat wasn’t too happy with the new sign I put up.
byu/steveisblah inpics

7. Not even close to being stuck.

Don’t believe the hype!

‘This cat is not stuck’
byu/jesstorkington_ inaww

8. We know who’s in charge.

And you better not mess with her.

This cat was on a fruit market today ( the sign says “don’t disturb the kitten, she’s not here to amuse the customers, she’s the boss)
byu/ivanelsucio inaww

9. Oh, now I get it…

Good thing you noticed the sign.

I was surprised to see a cat at the doctor’s waiting room. Then I noticed the sign.
byu/Tyto_alba inpics

10. Liars and crooks.

You just can’t trust ’em!

I see these cats every day on my way to the bus stop. Today this sign appeared….
byu/tatianafelix infunny

11. Keep your eyes peeled.

This cat sounds like trouble.

My favorite bookstore has a cat. They now have a sign for the cat.
byu/Jaadis7 inpics

12. Do not cross her.

Or it’s your funeral.

You’ve been warned.
byu/sugarshizzl inCatsAreAssholes

Does your cat like to cause a lot of trouble?

If so, tell us some stories in the comments and share some pics if you got ’em.

Thanks a lot!