A few months ago, I had not one, not two, but FOUR baby raccoons stuck in my fireplace in my living room. The poor little guys fell down the chimney and thank goodness I was home at the time so I could barricade the fireplace opening with a piece of wood until a “wildlife expert” showed up to remove the animals.

They were so adorable and I felt so bad for them that I even thought about keeping them for a minute…and then I realized that would be a total disaster so I abandoned that dream…

But I did come to realize that raccoons are very cute, even though they like to eat our trash and some of them are dangerous because they’re infected with rabies. But we can still admire them from afar!

Enjoy these funny and cute photos of raccoons just living their daily lives.

1. Now THAT is cute.

It’s cute, right?

Cross post from fb.
byu/dendeqtele intrashpandas

2. Teamwork makes the dream work.

They’re getting it done!

So I set my deer feeder high off the ground so the raccoons couldn’t reach it…
byu/steffinator117 infunny

3. You are their new father now.

I hope you guys are hungry!

Our 93 year old neighbor passed away on Sunday. Apparently he was feeding these little sweeties. Now they come to our door. My husband is the new proud father of these 4 trash pandas
byu/emteeone intrashpandas

4. Yeah, that’s for you!

He’s pretty shocked by the whole thing.

For me?
byu/bigmanbeats inaww

5. Hello…is anyone in there?

This raccoon is all kinds of sad.

You forgot to pick me up from practice!
byu/smb3d infunny

6. How did you get in there?

Tricky little devil.


7. Hitchin’ a ride.

Where you headed?

8. Can I help you?

Which apartment do you live in?

The situation at my friends apartment right now.
byu/soupoder infunny

9. What do you think you’re doing up there?

Gymnastics, maybe?

Found a raccoon in this exact position
by infunny

10. I like these guys!

And I hope the chimney is closed off!

Best day ever, took a lot to pull myself away. Video in comments.
byu/JGolden32 intrashpandas

11. A true artist.

I’m impressed!


12. At the end of the rainbow.

Up to no good.

Instead of gold at the end of this rainbow, I found something a little more cuter.
byu/percyman34 inaww

They sure are cute!

Do you have any photos of raccoons or other wild animals that you’ve taken?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks in advance!