Ahhhh, marital bliss

If you’ve tied the knot (maybe more than once), you know that it’s never exactly like you thought it would be like AND there are some things about marriage that are just universal.

I’m referring to the bickering, arguing, and disagreements mostly. You know the good stuff!

Are you ready to laugh at some very accurate tweets about marriage that will most likely look pretty familiar? Go ahead and get started now!

1. You’re in HUGE trouble.

I think you need to change your name and leave the country.

2. Sounds like a blast.

I can’t wait to get married!

3. You’ll be hearing those sounds for many years.

So make sure you do your homework, okay?

4. This is my work outfit now.

Hey, I’m doing the same thing these days!

5. That was NOT flirting.

I’m sorry if you were confused.

6. That’s…not what I meant…

He was talking about a different kind of fan…FYI…

7. He really should not have said that.

And he will be missed…


8. What does that one mean?

How about that one?!?!

9. Terrible move, buddy.

You probably shouldn’t do that again.

10. Here comes the Prime van again!

He knows your house well, doesn’t he?

11. That sounds impossible to me.

What planet are you from?

12. We’ll be doing this together.

That sounds fun for him.

13. He’s a very mature man.

I like his style. Tell him that for me, okay?

Do those tweets ring true, or what?

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us something funny or totally annoying and ridiculous that your partner has done lately.

Please and thank you!