Life hacks are supposed to make everything a little bit easier and provide us with shortcuts.

These supposed ‘life hacks’…well, let’s just say they’re not up to snuff and they might not help you out at all. In fact, they might even HURT you in the long run.

So take a look and decide for yourself whether you think these are good or bad…

You may proceed…

1. Might not be the best idea.

2. Pedal to the metal.

3. Let’s eat dirt!

4. Time and money well spent.

5. Probably shouldn’t listen to this one.

6. From a financial expert.

7. A new life plan.

8. Time to eat healthy.

9. Lighten the mood a little.

10. He’s a “doctor.”

11. Mess with them a little.

12. This is really good advice.

We can’t stop you, but don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Do you have any actually good life hacks that you want to pass along to us?

If so, please share them in the comments!