Hey, I’m an equal-opportunity joker. I like to make fun of everyone: Boomers, Gen X’ers, and especially Millennials.

We’re all easy targets but you have to admit that making fun of these young folks is pretty darn amusing.

So let’s all take a few minutes to enjoy these funny tweets that poke fun at the Millennials of the world.

1. I’ll be inside.

2. Nothing you can do about it.

3. Way to go!

4. One day…

5. That looks nice.

6. You’re at the peak.

7. Quite a difference.

8. Get creative with it!

9. Ignore the dumpster fire.

10. What’s wrong?!?!

11. I need this for an Instagram post.

12. No talking allowed.

13. Doesn’t this look cute?

14. Still on the fence…

15. A drink and a nap.

C’mon, you have to admit those are funny…even if you ARE a Millennial.

Have you seen any other hilarious tweets roasting specific generations?

We want to see all of them!

So please share them in the comments!