Perfect Examples of the Unrealistic Expectations That Seem to Always Appear in Job Advertisements

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I know I’m probably preaching to the choir, but looking for a job is THE WORST.

Endless cover letters, constantly retweaking your resume, and for what?

All so you apply to dozens (sometimes hundreds) of jobs online that you’ll most likely never hear from.

And the worst part is that the expectations and requirements are usually completely ridiculous and unrealistic.

“So I understand you’re applying for an entry-level position? You’ll need 26 references, 12 years of experience, 4 certifications, and you must be fluent in Swahili.”

Okay…I guess I’ll be moving in.

If you’ve applied to any jobs in the past several years, these posts are gonna bring back some memories…

1. Sounds totally reasonable…

Ugh…sorry to hear this one.

2. I’m sure people feel great about that.

Get outta here with that!

How catchy from recruitinghell

3. Please be attractive!

I don’t know if that’s legal…

Okay this one is new from recruitinghell

4. Entry level…

Oh, this one again…

Found when looking for "New Grad" opportunities from recruitinghell

5. You have your own lab, right?

Totally makes sense.

Unpaid and intern-level but you’d better have full access to your own lab. Don’t even ask me how "much of the work will be remote" for a CHEMIST role . from recruitinghell

6. This is good.

So frustrating…

7. Out of control.

They’re serious, unfortunately.

8. Trust issues.

You’re not alone.

This is why I have trust issues with job sites from recruitinghell

9. You don’t have a clue, do you?

It sure doesn’t seem like it.

10. You need to be a doctor!

Hmmmm…sounds like BS to me.

Want to write? Go to med school. from recruitinghell

11. Recent graduates with a ton of experience.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Spoke to a recruiter who said they specifically "want recent graduates with no experience to become experts of the plant," turns out they are looking for Schrodinger’s Candidate from recruitinghell

12. Definitely not enough.

And you know it’s true!


Have you had to deal with a lot of these situations when you’ve been looking for a job?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!