Movies and TV shows are obviously not real, but it’s still pretty darn annoying when we see things in them that are totally unrealistic.

You know you see these kinds of things all the time, right?

A funny Twitter thread saw users speaking out about the things that they consider very annoying when it comes to how real life is inaccurately portrayed on TV and in the movies.

Let’s take a look.

1. Gulpin’ ’em down.

That is kinda weird.

2. See you later!

Doesn’t work that way.

3. Get it right!

Chess players don’t like this.

4. Let’s see the drool.

Totally unrealistic!

5. Hey, sis!

Never said this in my life.

6. That’s just creepy.

And totally weird.

7. Get it right, designers!

Come on, you have a big budget.

8. Right into the river!

That doesn’t seem right…

9. Ummmm, that’s delicious.

Instantaneous delight.

10. I’m late!

Gotta go! Out the door!

11. Where’s the mouse?

Riddle me that!

12. How do you afford this place?

Especially in New York City.

13. The bra stays on.

Ladies…let’s hear the truth.

How about you?

What are the little things in movies that really drive you crazy?

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