Hey, that’s not my dog!

Have you ever said that as a joke (or maybe for real) when you’ve gone to pick up your pooch from a day at the groomer?

Of course, you have!

Because there’s no doubt that you’ve let that beast get a little too shaggy and wild at one point or another…and then it’s time for a dreaded day of getting a bath, having the nails clipped, and getting a total makeover.

Let’s meet some dogs that looked a whole lot different after they paid a visit to the groomer.

1. This is the same dog, y’all!

She used to be a mess, but not anymore.

This is the same dog y’all ???? my friend adopted her after she just showed up on her porch she had to have all her teeth removed she had a giant sore on her leg and under her tail and she was a giant matted mess. I groomed her and made her brand new babe feeling so fresh and clean from doggrooming

2. You’d never guess she’s 15-years-old.

Looking good!

My sweet girl Cheech is 15 years old! After her haircuts everyone always thinks she’s a puppy from aww

3. He definitely needed a trim.

You are shaggy no more!

4. Living the good life now.

You did a great thing!

We rescued a Maltese from a puppy mill in Georgia that got busted with over 700 dogs this weekend. After 3 hours of cutting matted hair and bathing, here is Luna’s before and after. from aww

5. You knew it by the smile.

I love this little guy!

New Haircut, same smile 🙂 from aww

6. From shaggy to happy!

You better believe it!

From shaggy to happy! Total transformation. Not every pupper is beyond a miracle. from doggrooming

7. You had to triple-check.

I’m pretty sure you got the right one…

My friend had to triple check with the groomer to make sure he was bringing home the right dog. from aww

8. Time to get trimmed up for the summer.

You are lookin’ sharp!

It’s 32°C degrees (90°F) outside, so my dog, One-eyed Snuggles, needed a groomer. from aww

9. Otis looks awesome.

And he definitely needed to get taken to the groomer.

My puppy Otis got his first haircut. I’m not sure they gave me back the same dog. from pics

10. I didn’t recognize you!

You got barked at!

Our 9 year old goldendoodle got her first grooming since quarantine. Our other dog barked at her when she came home from aww

11. Not a dirty biker anymore.

You look very innocent!

My boy, before and after going to the groomer… Went from dirty biker to innocent preacher’s kid. from aww

12. What did I just pick up?

Are you sure that you’re a dog?

I just saw this posted on facebook and it says, "Life lesson learned. Be very specific when explaining how you want your dog be groomed." DROPPED OFF A SHIHTZU, PICKED UP A LLAMA. from funny

How about you?

Do you have any good before and after pics of your pooches when they’ve gotten all dolled up?

Share some pics with us in the comments. Let’s see what you got!